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About Us

HHNL is a well-established innovative design firm, founded at 2006. We offer a full spectrum of design services, including architectural and interior design. We have experience on a wide variety of projects including residential, high-end amenity, office, exhibition space, retail and hospitality, among others. We also provide services for complete project coordination, including areas such as lighting, landscape, graphic design, and branding. This expertise in a wide array of projects combined with our experience with interdisciplinary collaborations fuels our design creativity.

We function in a studio environment, comprised of a close-knit team which employs clear and direct communication with our clients. This working methodology allows us to execute each design precisely and efficiently. Additionally, we work with professionals in many diverse areas, bringing design context that enriches the space. We embrace a spectrum of design styles, while bringing it to life through HHNL's high attention to detail.


Jerry Hsu , RA

Design Director

Leon Lin

Design Director

Ann Chen

Senior Designer

Hao Chen


Jerry Wang


Jayda Chen


Wayne Liao


Chris Lin


Tai-Lin Wu

Office Manager